Rat Laundry Day

Its rat laundry day again! The cages look so empty without their hammocks, but they need to be washed. They start getting smelly about once a week, especially the boys.

I usually get their hammocks off of Etsy. I would make my own, but I don't have my own sewing machine right now. I have made a few by hand, but they take longer and don't hold up as well. For anyone else out there with rat babies, who need hammocks, I have found that the best sellers are: ComfyCritters and Bruxes. They have the best quality for what you get for the price. My kids will probably be due for some new ones soon. Some rats chew right through them, but they usually last at least a few months for my ratties. 

I try to keep at least one hammock per rat, so they have their own living space, if they choose to use it. But most of the time, they all end up piled in the same hammock anyway. As you can see, the boys all love that grey hammock, and are always in or on it. It doesn't matter that there are two other hammocks to choose from! 

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