Rats A-Z

A - Asia: Originated from Asia but spread throughout the world

B - Bruxing: The name for when rats grind their teeth together when they are happy

C - Companionship: Rats are extremely social animals, and get depressed when left alone for too long

D - Dumbo: A variety of rat that has huge adorable ears

E - Excellent: Contrary to popular belief, rats make great pets

F - Fawn: A rat with a coat that has a rich, golden orange color

G - Grooming: They are extremely clean animals, and spend 80% of their waking time cleaning themselves

H - Hooded: A rat coat that starts as a solid color on the head and ends as a stripe down the back

I - Irish: A solid colored rat with a white triangle on the chest and white on the front two paws

J - Jawbone: A rats jawbone isn't fused like a humans

K - Kisses: Rats love to give their humans kisses, just like dogs

L - Litter: Rats can have a litter size anywhere between 3-24 pups

M - Myco: Short for Mycoplasmosis pulmonis, a respiratory disease all rats are born with, but doesn't usually become apparent except in stressed or ill rats

N - Naked: Newborns are born without any hair, and it doesn't usually develop until about a week old

O - Omnivores: Just like humans, they eat both fruits, vegetables and meat

P - Porphyrin - Red discharge created from a gland behind the eyes that becomes noticeable under stress or illness

Q - Quick: Rats are able to run as fast as 8 mph

R - Rattus norvegicus: The scientific name for the common pet rat

S - Smart: They can learn their names, and tricks just like dogs

T - Tails: Help them balance, regulate body temperature and communicate

U - Ultraviolet: Rats are thought to be able to see ultraviolet light, possibly to view urine markings

V - Vomit: Rats have no vomit reflex and they can't burp either

W - Wake: Rats "cat nap", are awake about half of a 24 hour period and are most active in the early mornings and late evenings

X - "X"trordinary: They are extraordinary animals (sorry guys, if its a bit corny, couldn't think of a better one for this letter)

Y - Yogurt: Pet rats lovve yogurt as a treat

Z - Zodiac: Rats are the first of the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac and represent honesty, intelligence, creativity, ambition and generosity

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