The Girl's Day at the Office

Every now and again, I'll bring my friends into the office. Usually after lunch, if its been a slow day and we aren't too busy. Being right before Thanksgiving, work has been pretty light this week, so I decided to bring the girls in.

They ride in a small pet carrier, in the front seat of my car (buckled in). And it is also their safe haven/napping place on my desk at work. Rats don't see very well, they are actually extremely near sighted, and only see a few inches in front of I don't have to worry about them jumping off my desk and on to the floor.

The first time I brought Issac in to work when he was still small, I got mixed reactions from my co-workers. It was either "Ewww" or "Awww", and his long, bare tail grossed some people out. But since then, many people who were scared or not sure of the rats now want to say hi to them when they come visit the office. Thats not to say that there still aren't three or four people who aren't still grossed out by them. Oh well.

Both the girls and the boys love to follow me to work. They get to meet people, eat goodies they normally wouldn't get, and do whatever they want all day. This includes things they shouldn't be doing, stealing tea packets, bottle caps, tissues, and trying to eat the bag of granola off my desk.

But by the end of the day, I think just like me, that they are glad to be home again.

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